We have one thoroughbred mare on the farm.

Lilo (252)
Lilo, a.k.a. 252, is by Danetime, the great shuttle sire who died prematurely in September 2005 after rupturing an artery. Her dam Brigadina is by Brigadier Gerard. Her first two foals were by Fruits of Love. Tutti Frutti, was sold in England. Her second foal, a chestnut filly named Winnie, is still with us. Lilo then produced a colt foal by the Irish Draugh stallion Cloneen Clover in 2008 and a beautifuil filly foal (again by Cloneen Clover) in 2009. 
They are pictured below. The two foals by Cloneen Clover have the strength of their sire and they step out like their dam. A good combination which we will stick to.
Mum 252 Mary 1
252 stepping out in front of a young punter at the Curragh and with her first foal, Tutti Frutti by Fruits of Love

Tutti Frutti, Lilo’s first foal, with his miniature friend Lurgy

Winnie, Lilo’s second foal by Fruits of Love

Thor June 6 2011
Lilo’s first colt foal by Cloneen Clover
Raeltin being ridden by Tom Hutchinson

Raeltin being ridden by Tom Hutchinson

Laragh Raeltin, by Cloneen Clover
Thoroughbred Horses

Today’s thoroughbreds gracing the race tracks around the world can be traced back to three foundation sires : Byerly Turk, Godolphon Arabian and Darley Arabian.In an article published inNew Scientist in 2005 it was stated that : ‘Virtually all 500,000 of the world’s thoroughbred racehorses are descended from 28 ancestors, born in the 18th and 19th centuries, according to a new genetic study. And up to 95% of male thoroughbreds can be traced back to just one stallion, Darley Arabian.’.Today Ireland is the third largest producer of thoroughbreds in the world, after the U.S and Australia, and accounts for 42 per cent of total EU output. Part of that domination stems from the Charles Haughey tax break introduced in the Eighties which led to the growth of, among other, the massive Coolmore operation. Seventy per cent of the world’s top stallions have been located in Ireland.The thoroughbred in Ireland has also played a major role in the production of the Irish Sport Horse when crossed with the Irish Draught. Varying proportions of these breeds result in the production of Irish Sport Horses. The Irish Draught and Thoroughbred has proven to be a very successful cross and gives the Irish Sport Horse its unique, and much sought after, characteristics. The Irish Draught Horse gives our sport horses strength, intelligence and a kind temperament, which are reflected in their performance and ability. The Thoroughbred blood brings athleticism to the breed and enables them to compete successfully at the highest level of every equestrian discipline.For more information on the Irish Thoroughbred Industry as well as the Sport Horse industry, please refer to the following sitesSport Horse IrelandThe National Stud

The Irish Horse Board

Irish Thoroughbred Marketing

Byerly Turk, ridden as a charger Godolphin Arabian
in 1690 at the Battle of the Boyne
before retiring to stud
Darley Arabian


Godolphin Arabian


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