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Laragh Raeltin

Raeltin (trans. ‘Little Star’) has just returned to us after being backed by Ollie and Tom Hutchinson. She is looking good and going well! She has her mother’s step (Raeltin is out of our thoroughbred mare and by Cloneen Clover) and floats when she moves. She the last of our Cloneen Clover batch of foals and all the rest have ended up in lovely homes in the UK.

Raeltin being ridden by Tom Hutchinson

Raeltin being ridden by Tom Hutchinson


Laragh Lady

Lady is spending a few weeks up the hill with Ollie and Tom Hutchinson – she is coming along so well. Here are a few pics, will download a video in due course.

Lady and Tom Hutchinson Lady June 20 2013 Lady June 20

Laragh Colleen

Laragh Colleen, now three, out of Saoirse and by Cloneen Clover.

Last year we sold Brendan who is Colleen’s full brother. It’s interesting to see how much more substantial a horse she is turning into. I like Cloneen Clover as a sire, and I think he combines well with Saoirse who is an AID mare so quite a lot lighted in bone than my other mares.

Bitless Bridles and Uisce Saddlery in Dingle

I recently bought two bitless bridles (handmade by Elaine Waters in Dingle) in the style of Dr. Cooks Bitless Bridles. We received them in the post yesterday from Elaine, beautiful handiwork, and decided to try them on Annabell and Loki in a lesson at Warringtons Equestrian Centre here in Kilkenny. Loki has only recently been backed and is still very green, Annabell spent many years hunting so she is anything but green.

The two of them, mother and son, rode beautifully and peacefully in the lesson. The only time Loki got a little upset was when he was asked to jump on his left rein, not his best side. However, after one refusal, jump he did. I was delighted with the results and will keep them going in the bitlless. I love seeing their mouths and heads relaxed and pain free.

For a look at Elaine’s lovely products visit her website hereĀ 

I will post pictures of Annabell and Loki in their new headgear later, but here is a pic of one of Elaine’s bridles.