We bred mainly Irish Draughts (along with irish Cobs and Clydesdales) for a number of years. Unfortunately we stopped for health reasons (asthma and allergies!) So, our youngest stock are five years old.
However, when we did breed we tried to ensure that our foals grew up in as natural an environment as possible. They were born in the paddocks and lived outside with their mums. We kept them with the dams for as long as either of them could stand it! This makes weaning easier and less painful for everyone. In winter all of our horses live out but have access to hay in a field shelter. We have found that even when the shelter is available (and it’s snowing outside) they are all happiest out. They all grow thick woolly coats and at times it is hard to distinguish between them and our two donkeys.
What follows are pictures of some of the foals we had between 2007 and 2009

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