Penny, Raeltin and Epona

Just a couple of pictures of Penny, Raeltin and Epona fat and happy in this lovely summer we are having. For some reason there was a strange filter on the camera, hence the colour!


Penny and Raeltin



Laragh Lady

Gerry Stroud, the wonderful new owner of Laragh Lady, sent me on this picture of her. Looking fine!Laragh Lady with Gerry


Laragh Raeltin

Raeltin (trans. ‘Little Star’) has just returned to us after being backed by Ollie and Tom Hutchinson. She is looking good and going well! She has her mother’s step (Raeltin is out of our thoroughbred mare and by Cloneen Clover) and floats when she moves. She the last of our Cloneen Clover batch of foals and all the rest have ended up in lovely homes in the UK.

Raeltin being ridden by Tom Hutchinson

Raeltin being ridden by Tom Hutchinson

Laragh Lady has arrived

Lady has now arrived safe and sound, thanks to George Mullins Transport (highly recommended) and is settling in well to her new home with Gerry and Amy Stroud. From all accounts she is doing well and has made good friends with Tommy Tipple! We miss her but know she is in very good hands.

Lady June 20

Laragh Lady

Laragh Lady is soon going to be heading to her new home with Gerry and Amy Stroud in Nottinghamshire, where she will join Tommy Tipple another Irish Draught who looks just like her! We will all be so sad to see her going but she will be in a lovely home with people who will care for her beautifully, I have no doubt about that.

Here she is shortly after she arrived in the world!JUST ARRIVED

Laragh Lady

Lady is spending a few weeks up the hill with Ollie and Tom Hutchinson – she is coming along so well. Here are a few pics, will download a video in due course.

Lady and Tom Hutchinson Lady June 20 2013 Lady June 20

Annabell and Gale in Scotland

Annabell and Gale have ended up in Scotland in the most beautiful home where they are much loved. I was so sad to see them go but delighted that they are with Carolyn Randall where I know they will live long and happy lives. Here they are with Carolyn – first p[ic with her present crew and then her with her new additions!

Baldrick a 26 year old cob, then Kyle ID x tb 33 years old and Mirren, a 6 year old warmblood x tb

Baldrick a 26 year old cob, then Kyle ID x tb 33 years old and Mirren, a 6 year old warmblood x tb

Carolyn with Gale and Annabell

Carolyn with Gale and Annabell


Laragh Colleen and Laura Palmer

Colleen is now settled into her new home with Laura Palmer in England, and I wish them many years of happiness together! I think she will make a wonderful riding horse as she has both the temperament and the athleticism needed.

Colleen with Raeltin (also by Cloneen Clover)

Laragh Colleen

Laragh Colleen, now three, out of Saoirse and by Cloneen Clover.

Last year we sold Brendan who is Colleen’s full brother. It’s interesting to see how much more substantial a horse she is turning into. I like Cloneen Clover as a sire, and I think he combines well with Saoirse who is an AID mare so quite a lot lighted in bone than my other mares.


We put Loki and Saoirse back in the field with the rest of the herd so they could get some of the spring grass. Much excitement – except from Annabell (Loki’s mum) who stands and watches the fuss!